About us

EKSMARIS Shipping and Forwarding Company was established in 2003 and successfully develops itself for almost 6 years. The result of productive cooperation on the local and foreign shipping market is our constantly obtained experience, numerous services we are tendering, and really competitive price basis in all the branches we are in. The main reason of company success is highly educated and well-experienced staff.

Trading area

Merchant shipping covers and connects ports in the area of Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea, Black Sea, Azov Sea and Atlantic Ocean. This way we cover a large geographical area making possible a close contact with our customers with all the linked advantages.

The business purpose of the company

The business purpose of the Company is to own and charter merchant fleet and other activities related hereto, commercial management and other functions for the Company, as well as participation in or acquisition of other companies. Development of Agency and Forwarding service at port of Klaipeda.

Registered office

EKSMARIS Shipping and Forwarding is headquartered in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The Company's registered office is in the municipality of Klaipeda. Postal address: Naujoji Uosto str. 22, LT-92122, Klaipeda, Lithuania.


  • Shipowners
  • Operators
  • Charterers
  • Brokers
  • Forwarders
  • Agents
  • Project cargo
  • Transshipment and barge service

As Charterers, Operators and Ship-Owners:

Our Company is dealing with tonnage of 1000 – 30000 mts DWCC, trading in the regions of Baltic – North – Mediterranean Sea. For local sea shipments in the region of North-Western Europe we have sea, sea-river type tonnages. The vessels under our operation are mainly employed to carry general and bulk cargoes in Baltic and North seas

As Brokers:

For our clients we are able not only to charter a vessel under our operation, but also act as competitive broker , involving the independent suitable vessels-candidates to fit the clients requirements for cargo shipment.

As Forwarders:

We are an independent freight forwarding company based in Lithuania offering cost effective sea, road, railway and air freight forwarding services around the world. As we have direct communication lines with the customs, we can take care of all your time-consuming paperwork. Transporting goods is a matter of team-work, therefore, it's good to know that there are motivated and active people taking care of things. Our committed staff will work with You to reduce delivery times, advise on logistical planning and integration of land and sea transport to and from worldwide destinations. The experience, we have gained over the years through close co-operation with first class partners, combined with modern means of communications, is placed at your disposal.

As Agents:

We offer a 24 hours, seven days a week comprehensive agency services for all type of vessels calling Klaipeda, Lithuania. Whether You require ordinary port disbursements or general info, or assistance pertaining to loading/discharging cost/facilities, including on-carriage, repairs or husbandry services, at all times we are happy to work with You. We take charge of Your requirements from the day your vessel is consigned to our agency, to the day it leaves our port, ensuring a quick and smooth turn around. We guarantee smooth handling of the vessels; full and reliable information; all necessary documentation; arrangements for all kinds of supply, repair , repatriation etc and full protection of our clients' interests in the port of Klaipeda based on good cooperation with Port Authorities and Stevedoring Companies. With your agency consigned to us, we can guarantee a competitive and reliable service at any time you may require.

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